About This Blog

There are three sites currently in the Mikeylito.com Network.

  1. Coffeegrounds.blog
    This is the blog you’re reading now.  Despite outward appearances, it’s not about coffee or coffee-drinking, although both are important parts of my life. Rather, it is about leisure. I define leisure as life after work; you can put whatever time frame you want on that definition.  The blog deals with leisure activities and leisure sports.  That encompasses a lot of things; here’s a sample: gaming, music, movies, television, wine, golf, karaoke, cycling,  golf, walking,… you get the idea.
  2. Mikeylito.com
    That’s the main site; it’s devoted to my opinions on life, politics and just about anything not related to leisure activities.  There are some leisure-related posts on the main site, but I intend to transition them over here.
  3. Mikeylito.live
    Right now, this site bounces back to Coffeegrounds.blog.
    Soon, it will be the home for all live streams on the Mikeylito.com Network.

There are several years of content that were lost when I lost control of the domain name. 
If I’m able to recover that content, it will be incorporated into the blog sites.